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    Social Learning MOOC & Innovations in Networked Work and Learning Open Course

    Keeley Sorokti

      There are two open/free courses going on right now that members of the Learning and Development group might be interested in checking out, even if only to follow the hashtags on twitter. I'm (attempting) to participate in #msloc430 but just came across #exploresocial and it looks very interesting as well so will follow the hashtag.


      Explore Social Learning | PLG Group

      Hashtag: #exploresocial


      What are we covering?

      Over four weeks we’ll be looking at why the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous world we find ourselves in, needs a different approach to organisational learning.

      • Week 1 (Feb 2nd): Exploring context – what are the implications of a more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous world on learning?
      • Week 2 (Feb 9th): Exploring social learning theories – is all learning social? What can we learn from the theorists past and present?
      • Week 3 (Feb 16th): Exploring formal and informal social learning approaches. How do we make sense of the ambiguity around social learning, social media, informal and formal learning?
      • Week 4 (Feb 23rd): Exploring practice. What are the practical approaches we can use to support and facilitate social learning?

      You can sign up here for free


      Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning | The Open Section of #msloc430

      Hashtag: #msloc430


      The inaugural open section of MSLOC 430 will run Jan. 12, 2015 through March 8, 2015. A second iteration of the open course will run during several weeks in April and May.  See Jeff Merrell's post about this: Open learning event beginning Jan. 25 - Learning, work and enterprise social networking


      Overview of topics

      How might innovations coming out of open, networked courses – including MOOCs – change the way we think about leadership development in organizations?


      • How might crowdsourcing be used as part of an open course? Or open design processes (think Open IDEO)? Or working-out-loud?
      • What might virtual communities-of-inquiry teach us about approaches to project team collaboration and continuous learning?


      We wrestle with questions like these in MSLOC 430.


      When we look for new ideas that leverage enterprise social networking technology to truly transform the way we work and learn, we see two things:

      • Innovations addressing how we work or solve work-related problems coming from business and management practitioners – like working out loud, idea jams, crowdsourcing, and open design.
      • Innovations addressing how we learn coming from education or organizational learning practitioners – like MOOCs, connected courses, virtual communities of practice and communities of inquiry.


      Our goal is to think about these two streams of innovations as one. To explore the potential innovation that comes from criss-crossing domain boundaries.


      The open section of MSLOC 430 will be used to work toward that goal. During a six-week period we will explore how both work and learning might be changed by understanding innovations in both. Four weeks will be devoted to understanding different innovations. Two weeks will be devoted to exploring how we might combine these different innovations in new ways to address our organizational challenges.