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    Create Externally Accessible Group for Unknown Users?

    Jessica Maxson

      Hello fellow Jivers!


      I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy 2015 thus far! Question for you all (and please pardon my ignorance on this subject):

      We have developed a Manager In Development (MID) program in which we recruit and inform recently-graduated students at career fairs to join the program. These MID candidates then undergo a rigorous and informative training to become Sales Managers within our organization. In recent meetings about how best to interact with this audience, the idea of an Externally Accessible group in our Jive Internal Community 'Circles' came up.

      My question to you is this: Is if feasible to set up an Externally Accessible group in our internal cloud community to allow for MID program prospects to learn about the MID program and ask questions to the MID program leaders, if we don't know who the prospects are and they aren't registered in the community? Or, is there a way for an MID program prospect to request External User access if they are given the specific group URL at the career fair?

      At this point, I'm unsure if I'm even asking the correct questions. Any guidance in this subject would be most helpful!