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    Jive's new workstyle apps marketing launch - what to say to customers

      We announced Jive's new workstyle apps today to the world (see Jive Announces New Workstyle Products Built Around Mobile Habits To Drive... -- PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 3, 2015 /PRNewsw…). If you get questions from customers and prospects, here are the key things to remember:


      Overall, this is an opportunity to have a deeper conversation with customers/prospects about the goodness of Jive 8


      Already a Jive Internal customer > push Jive 8 (or upgrading to the cloud)


      Prospect in an active sales cycle for Jive Internal > focus on our core product differentiators


      JiveX customer or prospect > still focus on Jive internal but there may be a play for Jive Daily

      If they are enterprise (>5K employees), steer the conversation towards Jive Internal

      If SMB/Mid-market, focus on the 3 biggest differences between Jive Internal and workstyle apps:

      Point-solution vs. Platform

      Mobile/BYOD policies

      Security needs/comfort with cloud-only solutions

      If they say they need a point-solution, they have a BYOD policy AND they are fine with cloud, call Fernando De Allende Humberto Vieites or Felix Rubioto work the deal with you