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    Learning Record Stores (xApi/Tin Can) and Jive


      One of the challenges many of us have is that we have already invested heavily in LMS technologies so a move to the integrated LMS from Pokeshot will not be an answer.


      However, you might like to investigate one tool they bring to the table - an Api to send Jive activity data to an LRS (Learning Record Store) - this is part of the new xAPI initiative also known as project Tin Can. For a detailed view of this, visit Tin Can API Homepage - Programmable E-learning and Experience Tracking.


      When an activity needs to be recorded, Jive sends secure statements in the form of “Noun, verb, object” or “I did this” to a Learning Record Store (LRS.) - not all older LMS's will have one and if that is the case, there is also an open source LRS from Learning Locker – the open source learning record store (LRS).


      This approach is potentially valuable for us at HDS as we are moving away from SCORM based content to an Adaptive Learning approach where the course has no end. (a whole new thread for another day!).


      So, the future LMS (with an LRS) could contain data from multiple sources to build up a real picture of how a learner moved through to full competence on a topic. Some example:


      • SCORM data on WBT's taken
      • LMS data on ILT attendance
      • Jive data on videos, documents etc that were viewed by the learner
      • Certification data from external tools such as Prometric testing centers.
      • Machine generated data - the learner was taught to configure a pice of hardware, the install routinnes send back Tin can statements as to how effective that install was. (ok, futuristic I know but possible with Tin Can!)

      the deployment of this simple API in Jive  could go a long way to pulling in the missing pieces into our data and give opportunities for much deeper and actionable insight as to what makes a learner successful.


      A good contact on this topic from a jive perspective is Nils Heuer at Pokeshot. I am hoping to explore this more once we have an integrated LRS within our LMS. (although I have deployed a sandbox of learninglocker but have yet to play in anger in it!).


      It would be good to hear from anyone else who has already deployed the Pokeshot Jive API!