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    Why use Jive for project management?

      Jive combines web-based documentation accessible from anywhere with powerful collaborative discussions. It provides a fantastic search tool that makes finding content and conversations incredibly simple.  User profiles contain rich information about skills, experiences, and involvement.  All of these powerful tools make Jive a project manager's best friend.  Your team can create, share, collaborate, and take action on the project in a single, unified project hub.Blog Pic 1.png

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          Jive projects an any project control tool, MS Project, complements each other very well. JIve handles the qualitative information and others more quantitave information like costs, time tables, precedences.


          Jive is usefull to document the decisions, and the conditions under the decision was taken.


          Other usefull component of Jive is to qualify the people over activities and tasks asigned outside of the gant bar schedule.