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    Unable to Connect to a Web Api from Jive App




      I have created a simple application with a html page and hosted in the cloud. Then I created a Jive app and uploaded in my local instance of my Jive website. The app is being displayed in the apps list and I am able to open the app without any issue and it is displaying the Html content of my application.


      Now I am trying to consume a Web API to read and write data to a database from my application. This is where the issue pops up.


      I am getting an error "1007 The connection alias specified on this request is missing or invalid.", when my app try to invoke the method to read the data from the web API.


      My Html File:

      My HTML.JPG

      My App.xml:


      My Main.Js:


      Please let me know if I am missing anything or something is wrong with the code.


      And I did verified the Web API using fiddler whether it was returning values: