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    Anyone successfully using BrightCove videos in Jive 7.0+?


      The mechanism to embed video has changed, and Jive added the ability to integrate BrightCove videos, but to me it seems pretty complex. I'm trying to figure out how best to implement. While we have one BC account, each area of the business has their own BC instance where they manage their video content. And the Jive integration relies on an ability to allow video embeds based on a specific combination of playerID and playerKey, Since there is no easy way to standardize those two items across all of our BC instances, I'm struggling with how we'll implement this internally.  And it would appear that the old way to use embed code, where it only relied on having added an allowed domain, is no longer reliable in Jive 7+.


      Has anyone been successful with the Jive Brightcove integration? Can you describe? My questions are along the lines of this:

      I know that it is possible to create different settings for BrightCove at a space level. How does this work overall?

      1. Does the global setting apply everywhere (including groups) that individual space settings haven’t been applied?
      2. Is there any way to make specific settings apply at an individual group level?
      3. How do you create how-to instructions for people who will insert videos when those instructions need to include information about which BC video player to choose, and that video player can be different based on where in Jive they want to post?
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          It'd be interesting to see how people have done this. In Jive 6, we had to customise the Video module to work with Brightcove instead of Twistage (for uploading new videos), as well as allowing our content guys to paste in a Brightcove URL and have that transformed into an embedded video.

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            Kate Bellard

            I will also be following this - we are just now starting to use Brightcove and talking about how to best embed videos into Jive.


            Ideally, we would like to empower employees to be able to upload their own videos into Brightcove, but like Tracy mentioned, I don't understand how we would set the permission levels and train employees. Or if this is even something we would want to do.


            Right now, employees are creating and paying for their own Vimeo accounts, so there isn't one Corporate system to maintain internal videos.