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    Winter / Spring User Group Meeting



      Hard to believe we are already into February.  With the weather starting to break, we should calendar another Tri-State User Group Meeting.  We should consider having this mid-to-late March or in April...up to the masses.  Also, need to consider topics and location.  Opening it up for discussion...


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          Dennis Pearce

          Is anyone interested in doing meetings based on a theme each time?  I'm thinking functional themes such as Sales, Product Development, Service, HR, Corporate Communications, etc.  If we picked a theme for each meeting then we might be able to include employees from that business area who could mingle and learn from each other, not just the Jive-focused employees from each company.

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            Anything in March is going to be tough for me with work commitments, family stuff and a planned spring break vacation in late March. But April is probably okay.


            I haven't hosted at Lilly in Indy yet...although it may not be a great central location for this group...and I may need more warning to put one together. But if we have no other options, I could see what I could work out.


            Topic-wise...I'm flexible. Things top of mind for me this year are:

            • Education / Positioning for the "best tools for the job" for users in a multi-platform environment
            • Getting better at teaching the critical "work out loud behaviors" that go along with understanding the tools
            • Looking 2-3 years ahead
            • Collaboration activity hub / aggregation / consumption strategy (again, given a multi-platform environment)
            • Success Stories (at a local business process, team, project level as opposed to at an org level)...similar to Dennis Pearce's suggestion.