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    Featuring "hot" unanswered questions that are identified with the "I have the same question" functionality


      With the Jive Cloud 8c4 release there was a new feature added to unanswered questions. The "I have the same question" link allows others to acknowledge that they have the same question.

      As a community manager this feature is very exciting as it identifies hot questions that have not been answered. I would like to feature these open questions in the community and possible double their point values for answering them. I am currently using Python and the Rest API to get a list of these question with the number of people that have the same question. Featuring them is the priority with the extra points being a nice to have feature.


      I thought about manually posting this list in a running document or blog post. Would be nice to have a widget for this (might be an opportunity with the App Tiles at 8c5 release). Once a question gets answered, I can manually assign a badge to the person that answers the question.