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    Is it possible to Upload a file via email?


      I know we can do documents and discussions with attachments but we are trying to have the attachment (a pdf) treated as an upload that is processed and displayed as if you did it via the site.


      Any advice would be welcome.

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          Billy Volpone

          Hi David, I'm happy to help here if I can. The details around moving emails to Jive has a variety of options. Most of the out of the box abilities revolve around replying to notifications or creating discussions from email that post into a specific Jive group/space. I believe if you attach something to said email, it will show up as an attachment in Jive as well. However, I actually think you're more asking about documents as a content type and also for those uploads to convert and fully preview in line (as if you had used the "upload a file" prompt from within the desktop.


          The good news is that you can absolutely do what you want to do but it requires the Outlook Connector. The attachment also needs to live within your inbox and be attached to an existing email, but once it is, there is a drop down menu in the Outlook ribbon menu which allows you to "Upload Attachments" to Jive directly. From there you can pick where to post the content, create a new title, add tags, set permissioning... the works. Here is what that window looks like in action:


          attachments in action.PNG


          Let me know if this help.

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            We have a similar requirement in our community as we sometimes require our community managers to send a file/patch to a user directly through a PM  as the specific file/patch is not something we want to share with the entire community. We are using personal email today to send these, but once users have an email address for someone inside the company, all of the their questions going forward are directed to that person and they bypass the community all together.


            It would be nice if PMs supported attachments.


            Forgive me if this is somewhat off topic.