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    Error When Selecting Community Manager Reports


      When I select Community Manager Reports I receive this error:

      An unexpected error has occurred


      This started recently as we were able to do this last month

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          Hi Tammy Sager - I'm sorry to hear about the error when trying to access the CMR tools.


          In this type of scenario we will likely find more information about what is causing the error by looking at the sbs.log Jive server logs at the time that the issue is happening.  Since you're Jive site is located on premise and our support team doesn't have direct access, it's going to be best if we handle the investigation in a new private support case instead of a public discussion, since we're going to need to exchange server logs. 


          Your company's secret support group where you can create new support cases for your organization is at CMC Microsystems div. of Canadian Microelectronics Corporation but you're not a member of the group yet. It looks like Hisham El-Masry has access to the group, so he can create a new case on your behalf or invite you to the group.