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    Is it possible to automatically invoke a specific template for a specific content type?


      Hi everyone,


      My company is using Jive 6 (hosted; not cloud). I just started using this Forms App and find it to be very useful. I have a user case I would like to use the Forms App for but am not sure how to achieve it.


      So I am now familiar with how to define the meta data, the form template and create content using the template. But to use the template, I have to know to type "!" which most of my community users won't know to do. I also notice that although the form template only shows a limited set of content type (i.e. document, discussion, etc.), the template can actually be used for other content types involving the Jive editor. For example, ideas.


      Here's the use case I have in mind ... When my community users create an idea, I would like to bring up a form that gather additional information such as "Product Area", "Affected Persona", "Priority". This way, once the idea is triaged and accepted, we would have the info necessary to create an enhancement request in our Backlog System. How could this be achieved? We do have the option to customize the Idea module so we are open to that possibility.