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    What advice would you give to a new Digital Community Manager?


      What advice would you offer up to a new Digital Community Manager?

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          Libby Taylor

          Where to begin? There's probably 100 things I could tell you. Without knowing more about your situation I'd have to keep to generalities. Top three things:

          • Start connecting with the community members immediately. I think I waited too long to connect with the community members here and didn't realize what incredible advocates for our community they can be!
          • Determine who your internal stakeholders are (support, sales, marketing?) and set up some kind of governance (unless your manager already has that covered).
          • Get some training. You said "new" community manager so I assume you are new to the role. Managing a community take a wide range of skills from program management to writing, to graphic design to analytics and so much more. And there are social bits in between that will need your attention as well.


          Wondering what other people think?

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            Patty McEnaney

            I learned so much by reading discussions in "Internal Communities" and I am sure you can do the same with the External Communities. By participating in the Jive Community, I identified a number of Jive community members who had great advice to give and were generous with their contributions. I followed them in my inbox. I called some of them to ask specific questions. I met some of these leading community members in person, either by reaching out to network, at JiveWorld or participating in my local user group. I read any blog posts in the JC I could get my hands on that related to running an internal community. I read articles by Brian Solis and Charlene Li of the Altimeter Group. They are great thinkers on social business. I participated in webinars that Jive hosted. I joined the Jive Book Club -- I've only read one book, "Loyalty 3.0" and it was GREAT.


            Now, I reach out to my new-found Jive friends when I have questions. I happily post a question to the JC without fear of sounding silly. I watch the videos from JiveWorld 2014 when I have time. I try to complete modules of Internal Community Manager training from Community Manager Roundtable and the great Rachel Happe when I have time.

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              I would suggest getting to know some of the members of the community you are managing. Depending on how active they are, they might see things in the site you might miss either positive or negative, issues or quirks of the site.