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    "Your Stuff"/"My Stuff" in the Cloud?


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      Hi all,


      It is possible in Jive Cloud to have a tool in the main nav bar that provides links to one's own materials? We have one (a plugin) in one of our instances (Jive 6, hosted; sorry, not visible to public) that looks like this ---->>>

      I'm configuring a new hybrid (external/internal) community, and we'd like this feature. We haven't yet decided whether to go with Hosted or Cloud.


      It's been very handy, especially in our external community, where people don't want to be trained in Jive and figure out the various routes and filters one otherwise needs to click through to get to these same items.


      It's also very simple: each of the links has the same URL for every user, e.g.:

      "My Groups" = https://spinsights.chem.agilent.com/places?filterID=member

      "My Inbox" = https://spinsights.chem.agilent.com/inbox


      It makes our lives so much easier! I've seen it in other communities, too. It looks like others have found similar tools useful, but they look like they were more complicated to develop: Do you miss the Your Stuff menu? Build your own!


      Is there a tool for Jive-X Cloud that accomplishes this aim? I hear that there are more sophisticated navigation tools in the Cloud, but I haven't seen any in action. Your insights will be appreciated.


      Thanks. - Josh

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          Billy Volpone

          Josh, happy to help by chiming in here and hopefully that spurs on more conversation. If I might voice my thoughts after seeing hundreds of Jive communities deployed... go cloud!   There are so many out of the box ways to configure JiveX now in cloud, or via our widget/tile infrastructure, that it by far offers the most benefit to your teams in the short and long term.


          As for what you're asking for, our cloud solution allows for your to create custom navigation bar menu items (single click or drop down menus) to lead to anything within the community you'd like. And since every single page on JiveX has it's own unique URL, you should easily be able to create a menu that links right to a users authored content, participated content, etc.


          Here is an example of what I'm referring to, but please do let me know if this is what you were looking for or if it was something different:


          custom links.PNG