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    Bay Area UnJiveWorld 2015 looking for host locations


      help needed.jpgAs mentioned in the discussion UnJiveWorld for 2015, since there is no JiveWorld this year, the Bay Area User group is planning an UnJiveWorld for September 2015. The UnJiveWorld agenda will be determined by us, Jive's customers, through the ideation feature in the community. More details to come soon!

      But first, we need your help! Before we can set a date and provide you with details and logistics, we need a venue. We are looking for a customer or partner to volunteer meeting space.  After the planning session today at Jive, we have decided on a few initial parameters.


      • Bay Area location
      • Targeting September 2015 (date flexible - but leaning towards a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)
      • Availability from 8am to 8pm
      • Estimated attendance ~ 200 people
      • Need a large room to accommodate everyone for an opening and closing session
      • Need at least 5 breakout rooms (or more)
      • Space needed for breakfast, lunch and possibly post-event cocktails.


      I know a few partners and customers have expressed interest in hosting, now we need to lock something down. We will provide support and potential branding and/or speaking opportunities for host companies. 

      Please let us know if you have space available and are willing to host this exciting event!