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    Data Export Service API Explorer: Additional/Altered Action Names


      I am attempting to create a report that shows which users provided each Correct response in my community over the last six months.


      Using the Jive Data Export (Analytics) Service seems to suggest using ACTIVITY_RESOLVED_QUESTION, which returned incomplete results that cut off on 8/22/2014.


      How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer (by Corey Mathews) suggests the action names in Using the Jive Data Export (Analytics) Service are up to date, but they are clearly not (note says 5/4/2014).

      The fact that results cut off at 8/22/2014 for this action name suggests the list needs to be updated.

      I later found reference to ACTIVITY_RESOLVED_MESSAGE -- which is not listed in Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) -- and it delivered a full report (the report ACTIVITY_RESOLVED_QUESTION clearly intended to provide), which reiterates a need for an update to the list in Using the Jive Data Export (Analytics) Service.

      Further, the ACTIVITY_RESOLVED_MESSAGE report showed who actually selected "Correct".

      I can't find an action name that will give me a report of who provided the "Correct" responses.

      So, the issue is two-fold:

      1. Where can I find an updated action name list for 2015?
      2. Is there an action name I can choose to show me who provided Correct responses, thread-by-thread, for resolved discussions?


      Responses highly appreciated.