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    Creating an Org Chart


      Hi everyone -


      Has anyone had success creating a dynamic org chart?


      Trying to create something simple with a tree-diagram but not having any luck so far..  seems like most of the work would have to be done using html, as there aren't any widgets I've come across yet.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Hi Brandon,

          Have you tried the org chart settings in Jive?:



          It can be seen on the profile or on Browse > People > Org Chart.  I can click from person to person and the view shifts depending on who I'm viewing.


          You can either sync with your LDAP (many internal customers send their HRIS data to LDAP / AD which then syncs with Jive) OR manage it manually.  Configuring the Org Chart

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              And I just saw that this was an older question.  Assuming you found your answer already, Brandon, but maybe this will help others.

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                  Hello Christy Schoon, thanks for responding.  I recently had this question also, so it is timely.  I really like your view but I cannot get it to go as deep as yours.  I looked at that article and it didn't quite answer my questions.  I want to provide an org chart for all our users to see via a link for example and not have to search for a person or go to their profile.  For example, if I go to the people page and click on the "Or Chart" menu, it says:

                  There's no one here

                  Click All to see more people, or send some invites.

                  Try a different search, perhaps? 


                  With that do you have any advice?

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                      Hi Kacie,

                      The org chart view should go to as deep a level for which you have data.  Are you syncing with your LDAP / AD or are you manually entering the detail?  The level of data coming into Jive should dictate the level of org chart that is shown.  If that is not the case please open a support ticket in your company secret support group.


                      What many customers do is they want to be able to display an org chart for each major organization within the company, on each departmental portal.  In which case, as a community manager you would:

                      • Look up each organization lead's org chart.
                      • Embed that url behind a link or a Call to Action button the departmental page.  Call it something like "See our organization chart".  People click on it and get to the org structure.  They can click around to change who's at the top of the chart to better understand the organization.


                      Does that work for you?