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    Group Templates- Overview Setting


      I recently found out about the setting option to put a space (especially group) as an admin weather on  Activity / Overview or overview and activity only.


      Really, I do not see the sense behind a setting option that takes away the possibililty to change your overview/layout settings,whenever you might need it.

      Our users don´t have the time to find out how to manage this. To work in a group should simplify workprocesss and not unessesarily irritate the user.


      Here my request:

      Can we as Admins for the Jive application in our company make a default setting that allows every group to have an "overview" option ?


      The templates can be quite iritating as well, because once you have applied one, their layout look all the same from the start.
      They should at least be different enough that it's easy to tell to determine the trade-offs amongst each other.

      Even though the content types are diferent, the layout frame always looks the same. Why not giving a default pattern for this either?


      So we would like to deactivate a few of the templates and create a default setting to manage the overview page for every user in our network. Is that possible?


      Thank you so much in advance for your help.



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          Hi Celia-D. Klaue -  In Jive Cloud (and the upcoming Jive 8 release) there is a new feature added that lets administrators control what the default selected option is when creating a new place.


          Currently when creating a new place the layout defaults to the "Activity" page, but with the new feature you can make it default to the "Overview" page, which is the older widget style layout you may be more familiar with.


          Unfortunately for Jive 7 there is no way to change the default layout option that is selected, nor can you disable or hide the "Activity" pages. This would require some sort of customization to the code, as this is not a built in feature.


          Let me know if this helps.

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              Hello David Bastedo, thank you for your fast reply.


              Actually I found another discussion that gives a short instruction how to manage the problem:


              If this as is not working as described in the discussion and according to what you have wrote( that we can set the deafult only in version 8), it would be a pity,because as I have already mentioned it costs too much time for the user to find out how to make the overview setting.

              What I also do not really understand: what is actually the advantage in the Activity Page opposed to the overview setting?


              Kind regards,Celia

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                  In response to your question as to the advantage of an Activity Page over an Overview setting, I feel it is a matter of preference.


                  Most of my Corporate Department (information) Groups have overview pages.  They can make their pages look like a webpage.  The overview page is visually appealing with more pictures and layout options.


                  Most of my project groups, however, prefer an activity page.  An activity page brings out just the activity on the group.  Tasks, Recent Content, Featured Content, etc. in simple tiles.  Less webpage looking and more concise information.


                  We are also using the 3rd option, Activity & Pages, for our "help" groups.  We can organize our documentation into specific pages.  For instance, we are launching a new patient portal.  I have organized the FAQs according to patient, clinical staff, admissions staff, and financial/billing staff.  While I always encourage folks to use the search feature, some folks like to go to the group for the information so this helps them find what they came to the group to find.

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                  Hi David Bastedo, you mentioned that it's possible for Jive Cloud administrators to set Overview Page as the default setting for Places.  Could you point me to where I could make that change?





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                      Unfortunately I misspoke earlier around the availability of this feature - This is not available in Jive Cloud. Changing default selection between Activity vs Overview pages for new places is only configurable in Jive 8 (Hosted and On-Premise). This is controlled via a system property places.default.placeTabVisibility = overview