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    How do you change a forgotten password and remove an admin user in the Nitro Panel?

    Carol Nelson Beginner



      Cannot remember password and Old password needed to create a New password

      No remove/delete Admin User to start again.



      (MUST HAVE Correct Permissions to view the Gamification Console to perform the following steps.)


      1. Launch the Nitro Panel from within a Jive Community by Clicking your Avatar and Selecting Gamification Console
      2. Navigate to Site
      3. Click Admin Users
      4. There is an option to Create New Admin, Add Existing Admin, Change Password
      5. Change Password wants the "OLD PASSWORD" before it lets you create a NEW password.  The user doesn't remember the OLD PASSWORD.
      6. No Delete / Remove Admin Users


      HOW CAN I:


      A.  Reset the password without knowing the current one?

      B:  Remove an Admin User I added?