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    Experience with secret groups and SFDC connector


      Curious to hear any experiences with the order of creating secret groups in Jive and then integrating those secret groups with the Salesforce connector.


      Specifically, here's my scenario:


      • We have a private external community
      • We intend to create secret groups (like Jive does here in the jc) for each customer
      • By hooking our instance up with SFDC, we intend to then allow customers to open cases through jive (just like we do here in the jc)


      My question is, when creating the secret groups in Jive, do the names of the groups have to match the Account (or other object) records in SFDC or can they be different.  If I start creating groups now, and we start populating them with content, if the names need to match between the two systems later, is it as simple as renaming the secret group to match Salesforce?


      Any tips or advice from anyone who has made this integration and has set things up similar to what I describe above would be super appreciated!  Thanks,