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    Automating maven command


      I'm having difficulty automating Jive development environment (e.g. running a build from Jenkins), as the underlying Maven command requires an individual's Maven password on the Jive repository. I'm not sure if we should effectively share someone's password with the team.


      I tried requesting a generic Maven account that does not belong to any human individuals, but the response from Support was that there is a security policy that a Maven account must be associated with a single individual.


      Are there any best practices around this area? Or, would it be the only way to use someone's Maven password for team-shared automation?

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          Spin up your own internal repo (I like Artifactory).  As the administrator use your credentials to access the Jive repository and internally you can have accounts per user to access your internal repository. This actually speeds things up if you have multiple developers since you have a local copy and should solve your issues.  Artifactory even allows a password in the maven settings but it uses an encrypted version so you can share an artifactory account inside your organization and since it is internal there should be no issues with violating security.