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    impossible to connect from Office




      Could you help me with this connection problem please





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          Hi Guillaume LESAINT - I opened a new private support case to handle this investigation, as we'll need to take a look at your application logs.


          I suspect there is something specific to your computer's configuration or network that is preventing the Jive for Office application from allowing you to log in. I've sometimes seen this with incorrect proxy configurations in Office.


          The case is being handled in Cannot authentication using Jive for Office - Getting grey screen instead of log in form - Once we have a resolution we'll follow up here in case anyone else in the community is running into the same issue.

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              I am having a similar issue. When ever I open a MS Office document, Jive does not appear anymore. It tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did not work. I tried to go through the excel options- enable disabled items but it doesn't even show in the disabled items box.


              Not sure what I am missing here.


              Can you help?

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                  Hi Michael Avrich - It sounds like that is a slightly different issue than what Guillaume has been seeing.  Guillaume has been having issues authenticating with Jive using Jive for Office, while it sounds like the Jive for Office module itself isn't loading for you.


                  Would you be able to coordinate with your community manager to submit a new Jive support case around this behavior?  I don't see you as a member of any groups today, so you may need to have your community manager submit a case on your behalf.  We'll want to take this to a case so we can take a deeper look at your Jive for Office error logs.