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    Bug - submenus display



      In our space named "My exprover", it is impossible to click on the top menus to display the submenus

      When we are on the home page (https://my-exprover.jiveon.com/activity), it works.

      Once in the group, (https://my-exprover.jiveon.com/groups/general) it doesn't work anymore.


      We tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE 8.


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          Hi Anne-Sophie CHARPIGNON -


          I just did some brief testing in that group you linked and I am not seeing the issue. 


          Is this still happening on your side at this time?


          Usually when we see these menus fail in a particular group or space it is caused by an HTML widget that has some invalid HTML or JavaScript that is conflicting with Jive. I am not seeing the issue at this point, so it's hard to say if that is what's happening here.