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    Any updates on the Intrateam conference going on this week?


      Hi Karen Gettman


      Just trying to keep up with all the conference action this week.  How did your session go at the IEC event in Copenhagen? Sounds like you and Kim England are having busy weeks on the speaking circuit!  Any chance you could comment here or maybe even blog in this space highlighting a few of the areas you focused on in your session?  Or even better yet, can you share your slides???


      Oh, and also noticed that Audrey Scarff you also were speaking at IEC! Wow to have two great Jive customers - Pearson and Thomson Reuters - speaking there makes us proud because it's a testament to the great stories I'm sure you both were able to share!  Same q for you - any chance you could comment on this thread or blog in here briefly as well as share your slides from your session?  Would love to check out.