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    Community store phrase substitution

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      Hi All,


      We recently set up our community store where users can use their points earned from gamification missions to "purchase" items from the store. When a user doesnt have enough points to purchase an item, the item is disabled in the store and a message is displayed that they need x amount of points more to purchase the item. the problem is instead of it saying "points to purchase", it says "{topic} to purchase":



      This is related to our theme, as I removed our custom theme and "points to purchase" is correctly displayed. So right now I am trying to pinpoint what in our theme could be causing this behavior. I have tried the following phrase substitutions:

      VALUE Equals "{topic} to purchase" replace with "points to purchase"

      KEY Equals "{topic} to purchase" replace with "points to purchase"

      VALUE Equals "{topic}" replace with "points"

      KEY Equals "{topic}" replace with "points"

      I have also tried manually adding substitution blocks to the theme.xml file directly but nothing works. If anyone has any suggestions where i could look next I would greatly appreciate it.



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          mbrybag Novice

          An engineer that worked on our Jive implementation was able to solve this.

          The custom theme is using a regular expression to replace all instances of the word 'category' with 'topic'. The Bunchball i18n properties also used the word 'category' as a placeholder variable for 'points'. We just needed to replace that variable with a hard-coded instance of the word 'points' instead. We just added the following phrase substitution in the theme.xml file:





                    <replace-value>You need &apos;{&apos;points&apos;}&apos; more points to purchase.</replace-value>