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    IBM Connection Vs Jive


      Hi Folks,


      Has any one analyzed IBM Connections.

      I am looking for a comparison between IBM Connections and Jive on Below parameters.

      It would be really great if you can send me some insight on this.


      FeaturesJiveIBM ConnectionsWhich is preferred,
      Cloud Readiness
      User Experience
      Data And Security
      Multilingual support
      Collaboration features.



      Samarth Shekhar

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          There is something called the "Forrestor Wave" that evaluates and compares vendor software.  However - they did something in Q2 of 2014 comparing Enterprise Social Networks, however - here is a link to the older case study: Forrester Wave, Enterprise Social Platforms: IBM, Jive, NewsGator, Telligent & More

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            John Schwiller

            We worked with a customer a few years ago that was deploying Connections but try as we might we couldn't switch them to Jive as they had spent so much on IBM and were planning to spend a lot more


            It's also worth remembering that Connections used to include Jive forums in the early days. When I tried Connections 3 and 4 a few years ago you could positively feel it straining to switch from one application to another. I don't think you could call it people-centric although they may have done a complete re-architecture now. I didn't find the UI appealing or intuitive and it seemed to suffer from being a set of WebSphere Portal applications (plural!!).


            Might be worth asking Jive to share their views with you but this is normally on a need-to-know basis and would depend on the purpose of your ask.

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              Hi all - I'm in need of a more specific comparison between IBM Connections and Jive.  Have you seen any side-by-side comparisons? And/or a more detailed analysis than the Gartner report?


              Many thanks!

              Lee Ann

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                  What is your criteria?  From a developer perspective, the biggest similarity is that IBM uses OpenSocial and so do we. Jive has infinite more integration points into the UI though, which make integrations more part of the user experience.   In addition to the OpenSocial app hooks, Jive has a ton more features like Tiles, External Storage and a Rich REST API to do a lot of slick integrations.


                  Pretty sure that wherever you look, you are going to see Jive ranked higher than IBM from a Developer and End User perspective.  Besides Gartner though, I haven’t seen any reports comparing the two for some time now.


                  While that was admittedly biased, I hope that helps at least somewhat =)

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                  Steven Green

                  I have a lot of experience with both platforms seeing as TemboSocial is a partner for both IBM and Jive.  IBM version 5 with their Verse email integrated is a strong offering for sure.  And their mobile app is feature rich and very slick. 


                  It is a bit of a walled garden though.  A few brave souls like us have done the work to integrate but it's not an easy task and each version can see architectural changes that require a lot of work to keep up with.  For example, Connections vs. Connections Cloud are two different versions of the same product.  So for TemboSocial to support both, we'd have to have two separate integrations which is very expensive. We have decided to only support one of the two. 


                  Jive has wisely gone with one code base that is 99% common between cloud and on-prem.


                  The approach to search in Jive is superior in my opinion.  As an integrated solution it is easy for content created via our solution to be searchable via Jive search.  In Connections this is not yet possible.  Add-on solution content is not available in Search.  Search is IMPORTANT to successful Intranet adoption.


                  If you want to easily support the tools your customers use today - like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc, then Jive is the easy option. 


                  I can answer more specific questions if anybody wants.  One thing we have noticed is that companies who purchased Jive really strive to work out loud and be a true social enterprise.  This is not as much the case for Connections.  I do not work with any customers who have a Community Manager for example.

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                    I have evaluated both pretty extensively. Although my preference is certainly Jive between the two, you'll probably want to be more specific on what you are looking for the platform to help you achieve, and how much weight you provide to your requirements. Here's my take on your categories.


                    Cloud Readiness: both platforms provide Cloud as an option. You'll have to be careful to look at what is important for you in terms of cloud. How is the upgrade cycle managed? How are you notified of changes? Are you provided a testing environment to preview changes? Are you able to enable/disable new features that you do not want to turn on right away? How often is cloud upgraded? Is there system downtime for changes? How much flexibility do you have to perform upgrade safe configurations, integrations, and customizations?


                    User Experience: I can not stress enough how important this one is. This should be weighted very highly. Our user group unanimously positioned Jive much higher than Connections on almost all UX criteria.


                    Data and Security: this should be evaluated by your security team. From experience, this will come out as basically a wash in the scoring. Both IBM and Jive will score well. However, this may also depend on your specific configuration as well.


                    Multilingual support: probably a good idea to define your requirements a bit more here. Jive offers some out of the box options, which may be good enough. If you are looking for user-inputted text to be auto-translated, this will not be met by either platform. In most cases with international companies, using a combination of either Chrome and Google Translate to be good enough. You can go further - but you will need to customize both platforms. This is likely not possible in either cloud environment.


                    ROI: this one will depend far, far, far, more upon your implementation, your team, your community manager(s), etc. than the technology. Also, it's very hard to calculate.


                    Collaboration features: this is a big topic. Take a look at what features are required for your use cases, and then put them to action in both platforms' testing environment. I've evaluated on features a couple times, and both times have seen Jive come out on top by a significant margin. Here's an example. Each of these categories are further broken down into more detail as to how the requirement is defined. Any grey'd out sections are not rated by either insufficient availability of information at the time, or lack of time to provide a full review. Also, the high/medium/low items are all weighted differently for scoring. This review was done across a number of other platforms as well.