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    Get "User Adoption" information from API V3




      I try to get the same information that is shown in the "User Adoption" report for a place. If click in the web front end the called url looks like:



      If I set maxDate and minDate to the same date it returns a json like this:


      throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';

      [ {

        "name" : "Active Users",

        "data" : [ 21 ],

        "pointInterval" : 86400000,

        "pointStart" : 1417507200000

      }, {

        "name" : "Participating Users",

        "data" : [ 1 ],

        "pointInterval" : 86400000,

        "pointStart" : 1417507200000

      }, {

        "name" : "Contributing Users",

        "data" : [ 0 ],

        "pointInterval" : 86400000,

        "pointStart" : 1417507200000

      } ]


      This is the information that I would like to get from the V3 API instead of the V1 API. Reason for this is that I read that V1 API will not be longer supported by JIVE when upgrading to version 6.


      The special thing about this is that the "Active Users" counts all views within the last 30 days relative to the values date. So if maxData and minDate is 31 dec 2014, it would count all views from 2nd - 31st december.


      How can I get this information from API V3 ?


      I can also do some processing. So if I can get the information only by processing a result set that is fine for me.


      Any help is apreciated.


      Thanks a lot.