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    External contributor at space level


      Couple of questions I'm hoping the group can help with:


      1)  Is it possible to have an external contributor at the space level instead of group level?


      2) Can I set the login landing page for an external contributor to be specific space or group?


      The use case is to have a space or group for a small number of the community to collaborate with external contributors.  The customer wants the external contributors to land directly in the space or group after login, not the home page. 


      Thanks in advance!


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          Sandra Brueckner

          Hi Ana,


          have you been able to find a solution for the described issue?


          Many thanks,


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            Dennis Pearce

            From what I have seen, external communities within Jive-n can only be private or secret groups, not spaces or open groups.  And from what I can see, external users don't land on the home page because that's off limits to them.  Instead they land on Your View (but I suppose they could pin their Inbox to be their landing page if they wanted).


            I don't know of any way to force a particular group to be the landing page for external users, just as there isn't a way to do that for internal users.  But if they used a group's url in a link or browser bookmark when logging in, that would take them directly to the group after authentication.

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