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    Not getting input fields for filtering a Custom container bound filter results based on custom profile fields




      I'm trying to create a custom container bound filter, which will filter users based on a user property.

      I have achieved this by extending PlacePeopleBrowseFilterGroupProvider class and getting filtered results correctly.


      Now, I want to further filter this result set based on custom profile field values. So, I added below code to achieve this:


      Collection<ProfileField> fields = profileFieldManager.getCustomFields();

                 for (ProfileField field : fields) {

                     //exclude selects with no options

                     if ((!(field.getType().isListType() && field.getOptions().isEmpty())) && field.getName().startsWith("speaker")){

                         speakersFilter.addChild(new ProfileFieldFilter(field));                



      Now, I'm getting "Add Filter" option in my space's people page, when I click on my Speakers filter. This is similar to what we get on /people page.

      On clicking "Add Filter", I do get desired custom profile fields to select filter, but I don't get input box, where I can add text to filter the field.

      Would you please help me understand what went wrong here?



      Ryan Rutan