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    Issue - In Add-on package


      Hello Everyone,


      I am building an addon for jive 7.0 following this doc : Creating Custom View Tiles , this is what exactly I want for my add on !!

      I am building just a simple add-on, displaying some text like in this example shown. It has been created using Nitrous.io server , package has been created, uploaded successfully.

      Issue comes when are adding this add-on as a tile on a Groups Page.

      It is displaying, but when i click it it doesn't act

      Please Have a look on the screenshot :-




      I have been clicking it several times but no Error no response.. Moreover, Do anybody know where the log files are created in Jive 7.0.

      As it would be easier to find out the solution, as now I am unable to debug the problem.

      Can anybody suggest Please asap


      Thanks in advance!