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    Similar case study on booking/scheduling


      Hi, I am new to Jive and to Community Manager role and I ran across this user requirement on booking-related case.

      The scenario is, there are pre-assigned limited parking lot to some employees. The team wants to have a group/space where it can capture the employees with and without parking assignment and in case one employee is away for a certain period, he can open his slot to anyone in need of parking. similarly if anyone posts a question on who has free slot on certain period, the parking lot owner can take that request.


      appreciate if there is any similar use case like this in the past or any suggestions on how to translate this into jive



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          Hi Delfin -- are your users allowed to use Google? (I think you mentioned in another post that you are at Stan Chart and I know security at banks tends to be much higher.) Because if you are able to use Google, you could set up a Google Sheet and iframe that into your group / space with an HTML widget.


          If you are not able to use Google, you could create a document, say, "Booking Your Parking Space," within your Jive group / space and simply have users edit it. (It's essentially the same process as what you would do with Google Docs but the editing process is a little clunkier.)


          And lastly, Jive's Google integration is coming soon which could make all of this easier: Deep Dive: Google Docs Integration for Jive-n, so you may want to keep an eye on those posts.