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    Google's plan to beat Microsoft Office - Business Insider

      Google shares its plan to nab 80% of Microsoft's Office business

      Business Insider

      10 years ago, Google declared war on Microsoft Office. Now, it's got a plan to snatch customers away this year.

      As Fernando said:
      "It is clear that our positioning on Jive, on top of these two competitors' offerings as the collaboration and engagement layer, is our most important differentiator. In fact, the recent Gartner approach on the concept of Digital Workplace fits perfectly with our story. Jive is unique on this approach as a neutral Business Engagement and Collaboration Platform. The Google and Microsoft apps are still data/document centric, our is people centric"

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          Felix Rubio Do you have more internal material to elaborate with our prospects?  because even we undestand this... both microsoft and google are telling their customers that they are the digital workplace....

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              Share with your prospects this link: https://www.jivesoftware.com/discover-jive/analyst-reports/building-boundless-intranet-digital-workplace/?ls


              And keep this in your talk:

              Key message:

              • The digital workplace requires a modern, employee portal.
              • This shift will require a flexible, adaptive approach.
              • Intranet leaders will be responsible for renovating the intranet and providing collaborative networks for their employees.

              Key recommendations for success

              • Build consensus around the business, employees and IT on the intranet’s repurpose
              • Establish measurable objectives within your organization that contribute to the agreed upon mission
              • Use the intranet as a training and collaboration center to collect feedback, improve adoption and mitigate risk
              • Instead of using the intranet as an “internal website” message, recognize and execute it as an employee-centric network


              More than 80% of clients contacting Gartner about renovating or rebuilding their employee portals intend to incorporate social technology. They seek to improve employee engagement, foster a dialogue with and among employees and spark innovation.

              Courtesy of a Jive Sales Rep, A Sample Email Specific to this Topic: Digital Worksplace

              Hi <prospect name>,


              I hope 2015 is treating you well.


              Given your <company name's> <insert initiative>, I believe this recent Gartner whitepaper, "Building the Boundless Intranet for a Digital Workplace” would be helpful as you collect your business use-cases, requirements and ROI needs. It also highlights a strategic approach and best practices, which align with Jive's methodical approach.


              The article reviews the challenges of traditional intranets and provides analyses and recommendations for a successful Social Intranet that delivers an engaging UX with seamless integrations that meet the savings/TCO reduction expectations that <insert name> is anticipating.


              Jive has rights to the official reprint below:




              What is your availability to catch up this week on the progress with the global initiative and next steps?


              Best regards,


              <Sales/Field rep>

              Jorge Reyes escribió:


              ... both microsoft and google are telling their customers that they are the digital workplace....

              Do them a favor and educate them on What Gartner says about a digital workplace.

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              Fernando I real agree with you

              Microsoft and Google can't imagine solutons propõe centric