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    How to update Themes in Jive 6


      This might be asked many times but I couldn't find any of it. The query is related to how the themes are updated/ created in Jive 6. How is the usual process to update the themes. Do we update/ create a theme on stage first and upload the same .zip on the production? Do theme updates require server restart? Should we test the theme first on stage and then upload on production?


      Sorry for so many queries in one.

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          Hi Varun,


          Themes in Jive 6 are packaged and deployed as Zip Files from Admin Console. They are used to address Front End Look and feel and contain mainly CSS , HTML and SOY files . 

          Once you upload the Theme Zip , the internal files are deployed on the Server under  'themes' folder.


          Updating Themes , is simple enough :-


          1) Download the existing theme .

          2) Unzip  & Extract to a Destination Folder .

          3) Make changes to the files which you need to change  & SAVE . 

          4) Zip the file again  and Upload it to the Themes via  Admin Console


          Its always better to Test Your theme on the Test Environment , before deploying it in production.


          Theme Changes generally don't require an Application Server Restart .