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    Rules for draft blog URL vs. Published blog URL




      We are trying to secure a blog URL for a post that is already written and is in draft form, and is scheduled to be released next week. We need the actual URL that will be used when the post is published. That blog post is being referenced in a banner elsewhere and is being set up this week, so I need to know the rules around blog post URLs. This is a personal blog, though I expect our system blog to have the same rules, right?


      From my observations.


      I drafted a test blog post called "Test", and the URL generated from that blog post is:




      Then, I change the blog title to "Test Test" and scheduled the post to be published well into the future (1/1/2016).


      The new URL is:





      So, can anyone please confirm that I am correct in the following assumptions:


      1. If a title changes within a blog post, the blog URL will NOT change to that new title.




      2. If the date of the post changes, in my case from draft to scheduled post, the URL will change to adapt to the new date.


      Is this correct? Is this also true for 1) drafts that end up getting published on a different date? 2) system blogs?



      Thanks for your help.