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    Jive Add-On Developer training in the US, Europe and India. Please help by filling out our survey

      Based on a lot of demand and requests for training and education around Jive's Add-On framework, we are planning a series of 2 day developer training sessions around the world.


      If you are interested in attending one of these please help us in planning by filling out our survey here: Jive Add-On Developer Training Survey


      Preliminary Agenda:

      Day 1

      • Introduction to the Jive Add-On Framework and common use cases
      • Overview of available development environments (node.js, Java, .Net)
      • Add-On development best practices
      • Building your first Add-on
      • Integration points for Jive Apps


      Day 2

      • Deploying your Jive Add-on for production
      • Using the Jive REST API from client applications and Jive Apps
      • Building and updating tiles
      • Using WebHooks
      • Using the Data Export API
      • Discussion, Q&A and wrap up


      About us:

      Pokeshot/SMZ is a global Jive Technology, Consulting and Professional Services Partner. We have 10 years of experience working with Jive, and have been actively involved in using and enhancing the Jive Apps and Add-On frameworks since 2011.


      We are looking forward to your feedback.