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    Can widgets be implemented in Apps?


      Has anyone tried to implement a widget using an App? It seems like they only support Tiles, but I want to be sure before I write it off...

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          The closest thing to a widget would be an instance of a Custom View Tile. Pages that allow Tiles do not have quite the same flexibility of layout, however.


          There are ways of rendering an App-like experience in an HTML widget. It takes some work, and has browser version and dependency issues. To make the conversation short, it requires the ability to manipulate CORS headers in the backend system that provides the App-like content to the HTML widget.

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              Hi Paul Moore,


              I Agree with John Larson, as you would have to customize your code a bit for it!!


              And the answer to your question is yes, you can add the widget to the App!! As the App section is just aniframe. So, it allows us to do anything we can

              It is just the section provided to you.. And the place is all your's. But, be precise with the definition.json& meta.jsonfiles.


              The problem arises when you add the widget in some tile-list or somewhere else apart from App section!!

              Since it is not your requirement.. So go for it!! Don't wait




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              Thanks folks - I think this answers the question.