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    Clickable link in community banner?


      Hi. We need to have a clickable link in the community banner on connect.limelight.com that takes people to the limelight.com website. Is this possible? There is already a limelight logo in the banner, which is where I'd like the link to go.


      Please let me know if this is possible and how to accomplish it.





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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Eileen, I know it's possible with the use of advanced custom theme header, for specifics you might want to engage the group of folks over at Theme and UI/X Discussion as they would definitely have experience in that area.

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            Kara Francis

            Are you referring to the "header" or to the menu bar where you see home, people, places, content, etc.?


            If the header, then you have access to create this yourself (if you are an admin) (click on your username, choose Themes, then choose Advanced, then choose Custom, then choose Edit Now).  You should then see an option to update your header and footer.  It just relies on HTML and CSS.  We have our logo on the far left that is clickable. We also have a few other links on the far right that appear above the search bar.  We don't have a logo at all in our main menu bar, so it immediately starts with "Home" rather than a logo as the first item.


            Note that this will add a layer above your main menu bar.


            Hopefully this helps.




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                Hi, Kara. thanks!


                I am referring to the topmost banner across the site, which has our branded logo for the community as well as our corporate website. I'd like to make the item circled in red (see image below) a clickable image that takes one to the corporate website. Is this something I can accomplish with the instructions you provided? Or are your instructions for the "Welcome to Limelight Connect" banner/header under the one I'm interested in?