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    Urgent advice needed: With the News feature rolling out...should we wait to go through with our scheduled Homepage redesign?


      I wanted to take a moment to ask the community their advice and experience in dealing with this.

      As I was inquiring about the auto-follow feature ( which I just found out about and was so excited to use -__-) I was told that Jive is replacing it with the News feature. When I did some research it looks like the News function rollout is a massive addition and a great one at that. My problem with it is that Jive recommended that we think about using it as our NEW homepage. That served us a huge problem on a silver platter because we were in the process of designing a new homepage and were going to begin the coding/programming this weekend. When I came across this News this morning, I immediately realized that we should halt the commencement of our homepage production and wait to see what happens with the News page ( when our instance is upgraded, which is according to the Jive tech March 19).

      Is it a waste of time and money to go forward with our redesign if this News feature is going to throw it all off anyways? Or should we go forward with it? What would you do???

      Appreciate any and all feedback here Thank you!!!