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    App Actions Filtered by editors of a content


      Hello Jive Developers,


        Following the examples in App Action Contribution Reference I'm trying to create a conditional content app action visible only to the editors of a content. After going through the possible filter options, I haven't been able to find a way to do so. Has anyone tried doing this or know how it can be done?


      Thanks in advance!


      cc Melody Liu anupgandhi

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          Unfortunately there is no way to put a filter to show app action only to a content's owners or group's owners.

          I had one way in my apps (which I wanted to display only to group admins).

          I displayed the app link to everyone.

          But when a non admin tries to open an app, I had this logic which could detect if current user is owner of the group.

          If no, I would show a message that app cannot be accessed and also display list of group admins who have permissions for the app.


          There is a new config in cloud where you can display app to a specific security group. But when it comes to group admins or content owners, there is no filter for that.

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            Hi Anurag,


            You can check if the User is the main Author of the Content with the following App Action path filter:




            However, this does not cover all users which have permissions to change the content. Thanks.