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    update/delete activity entry. Can we delete a notification too?




      Can we delete or update the activity stream entry and notifications?

      I came across this document: OpenSocial Social API Server Specification 2.5.0


      Here I saw update and delete activity. Though I didnt find this anywhere else in the community.


      I tried:

      function updateActivity(){

              var request = osapi.activities.update({

        "id": "activity2",

                         "activity": {"title":"Hello Jive update",

                                    "body":"This is my activity"}





      request.execute(function(data) {


           console.log("Activity created!", data);



      But this post an activity to the stream. How can I update an already created activity.

      When I tried :osapi.activities.delete it didnt delete the activity.


      Maybe I am going wrong in passing the correct params.


      Can we do the same operations for notifications?


      One more question


      Can we post the activity in a new category in stream like how social news get displayed in JIVE.

      Thanks fr the help!!