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    Using Jive to mark corporate anniversary?


      Our company is in the brainstorming phase of planning for our 25th anniversary. Have any of you used your internal Jive instance to commemorate a company anniversary?


      Off the top of my head, it seems like there'd be an opportunity to create some sort of forum for story sharing among longtime employes, but I haven't gotten much further.


      Ideas? Thanks for your input.

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          We're going to launch our new, upgraded intranet on the one year anniversary of our company in July. In your case, it seems like a good opportunity to have some kind of contest and then have employees use a poll to vote. The contest could be submitting a favorite office photo from over the years or something. Winner's photo gets featured somewhere and they get a gift certificate.


          Or you could crowdsource using Ideas about what people would like to see the company do in the next 25 years!