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    OpenSearch doesn't support "literal searches" or phrases

    Nik Edmiidz

      In most search engines, like Jive as noted in Search Tips for the Jive Community:


      • Phrases. If you enclose a phrase in quotes, your search will return only content where the words in quotes occur next to each other and in the same order. For instance, specifying "black cat” will return text where this phrase appears exactly as quoted, such as “our black cat brings us luck”, but will not return “the cat was hiding in the black box”. Note: Content searches are case-insensitive. For both regular and phrase searches, we also match words that are very similar, but not identical.



      However if you configure your Jive instance to search the JC through OpenSearch (or a Bridged community) as documented here, this does not work.  The only way around it is to use single quotes.  It would be nice if Jive could pass the double-quotes to the OpenSearch provider to get the expected results.