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    Custom URL to follow a space?

    Jordan Dayton

      On JiveX (cloud) Is there a way to create a custom url that when a user clicks on it, it will cause them to follow a specified Place in our Jive community?


      e.g., I can use this url so that when a user clicks on it, it will create a new discussion for the user to enter: https://community.jivesoftware.com/discussion/create.jspa?sr=cmenu&containerType=14&containerID=4340


      In the case of following spaces, I may want to create a button on a page with an href link to "follow" some relevant groups.


      Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. I'm gearing up for the answer to be "no" however ;-)

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          Not sure about doing it in a url, but we have done something similar using an !-App action that creates and embedded experience that the user can click on. That way you can also use the v3 Javascript API which gives you a lot more flexibility.

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            I would REALLY like to have a solution for this as well. But it can't be a JavaScript method - it needs to be a plain ole URL - so that we can use it from email campaigns, bit.ly URLs, QRCodes, etc.

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                Scott A Johnson

                The trouble with doing this is that you would need to POST to the /places/{placeid}/followingIn service. You could possibly do this using a form, but I'm not sure that this would be possible with a simple link as that would be a GET request. Additionally, you'd probably want to check the streams the user may already be following in then add to that. Otherwise it could override anything the user already has setup.


                You could possibly setup a proxy site which would redirect the get request to a POST request, but at that point it may be simpler to use JS in that proxy page.

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                    Yeah, I'd go for a proxy site/landing page which did the POST request in an ajax call, displayed suitable messaging to the user, and then maybe redirected them to that place when it was all done. An hours worth of dev effort for someone who knows what they're doing. The landing page has opportunities to show nice graphics, or icons for re-sharing the link to Twitter followers, etc.