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    Calls to Action

    John Schwiller

      Gia Lyons and John Toker


      Acknowledging The specified item was not found., in the 'old' days we might have added a call to action on an Overview page using an HTML widget and some bold graphics, perhaps the three key things you can do here.


      call to action widget.jpg


      Now on Cloud or in Jive 8 where we use an Activity page (wide narrow), possibly with additional custom pages (various formats but none with a horizontal frame) what is the best practice for displaying a call to action using a tile?


      Or is the need for new visitors to a place to be shown a call to action actually a prompt that we are still in Overview territory (curated content) rather than Activity page territory (getting things done) -  and you are already supposed to know how to do that

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          I'll leave it to our strategists to answer this one. Head's up, Christy Schoon for that awesome doc you'll eventually create...

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            How about using the "Document Viewer" tile and display the graphics, links, call to action by linking to a document?

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                John Schwiller

                Thanks Kim - great idea, but on the Activity page I'd want to put that tile in the wide column rather than in the narrow column. Although I suppose I could rethink from having three horizontal image buttons to three vertical ones and put the tile top right.


                Granted that if I use a custom page there's a bit more choice about positioning.

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                    aha, i was thinking you were using the "Pages" feature.

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                        Calls to actions the widget way sure look pretty. But what has your experience been? Do people actually use them much?

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                            Hello. We used them throughout on our external community.

                            We threw them away on the global homepage as they were only really useful to the newcomers and less to usual members. Instead, we replaced them with a featured content slideshow and a prominent search box after discussions with our community owners. Metrics showed it was a good move there. Jive search is a really an asset, I want visitors to use it more.


                            On the main places, we kept them. They are a way to channel actions. I don't believe people use the "ask a question" widget we put and use more the CTAs.

                            Once somebody is a regular member, I believe they tend to use the actions widget and spotlight search more.

                            I've been thinking about switching to a slideshow on our main places too. However, you would need the community owners to keep it fresh...

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                      John Schwiller

                      I have to build out a calls to action today using an externally accessible group with just a single Activity page.



                      - No Overview page as our externals will not understand the mix of widgets and tiles. No time to explain it. And remember we are having to recreate all FAQs and Hints and Tips as new content in this external group and then the next and then the next (that includes 10 Jive videos uploaded into each group). Education and Training in External Groups really needs some more thought.

                      - No custom pages as I just think it is mad that you can't position them to the right of the Activity page landing tab. It's plain nuts to have them left most


                      So I really want to get my calls to action in the wide column but I'm not allowed to


                      Christy Schoon or Nick Hill - anyone got a fix that works now (for launch tomorrow!)??

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                          Hi John, give me about 30 minutes to noodle on this for you.  I don't think I can completely solve what you are looking for with ALL the requirements but can hopefully come up with something that makes the scowly face go away.

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                              John Schwiller

                              Cheers - you read my scowly face


                              For now I'm trying a view document in a tile on the right with vertical buttons - might look good and it's probably jarring in my mind because we've always used horizontal in an HTML widget. I'll post a pic when I've got the basics up (before adding the hyperlinks).

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                                  I did two takes - one is what you are proposing, which is using the document viewer tile on the activity page, stacking 3 tiles on top of each other.  I didn't take the time to play with centering the images (or making them larger), but you get the idea:




                                  John, you probably understand the configuration of these tiles but just for the sake of the others reading this post here's how I set up the tiles:



                                  The other option if you are really set on a horizontal view of the CTAs, and I know you don't want a page, but I did it anyway, is this:



                                  The reason I wanted to show this option is you can use the layout option on a Page that gives you 4 (I think that's the max.  You can have at least 4.) horizontal zones on the page.  You can use any variety of tiles there but the document viewer works best in those wide horizontal zones.  Depending on what you are trying to do in that place, this might be a good way to highlight content.  The CTAs would then drive people to the more interactive areas of the place (if this is an interactive kind of place.  If this is more of a content centric place then a Page might actually be a better landing experience than an activity page.  However, if this more of an interactive place, then I agree with you John, I would like the Activity page to be my landing page.



                                  It sounds like we were heading down the same path.  I'd love to see what you end up with.

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                                      John Schwiller

                                      Thanks Christy. I'll post where I get to later.




                                      This is it so far. I'm using the view document tile. The document has a 3 row 1 column table. Each colored 'button' is an image with text created in a graphics program - these are some of our corporate colors


                                      As I was getting odd 'break-up' of the colors and blurring of the text when I put the image direct into a cell I instead uploaded the images as statics and then used those in the HTML of the document. Each image is a link. Then the image was much clearer. Snippet of code:



                                      <td style="padding: 0px;"><a href="/groups/xxxx/activity" _jive_internal="true">  <img alt="zzzz" src="/resources/statics/11418/Engage%2BA%2Bstatic.jpg" style="width: 240px; height: 80px; border: 0;" /></a></td>



                                      for JC.jpg


                                      The vertical CTA is growing on me quickly. When I have more time I might use a custom tile...

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                                  DANG - I hadn't thought about the fact that externally accessible group members won't have access to any help documentation. That is a problem for sure! If the Help place was a group instead of a space, I assume you able to give external users access to multiple groups. Is that a possible alternative?

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                                      We have created a downloadable PDF for community managers to download and share with their external community members. It only covers the basics but we've not needed to use more than this: External Contributor Guide by Pearson

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                                        John Schwiller

                                        I think I raised this when Externally Accesible groups (EAs)  was being designed or at least when they were deployed. The problem is that if you have multiple EA groups but then give everyone access to a central Help group you've shorted out much of the walled garden effect that EAs give you. For example if each EA is a different customer or partner and you want them unaware of each other then this isn't going to work.


                                        For now I've loaded the 10 Jive videos into each 'production' EA group and all the 30 or so Quickstart Guides into our first production EA (second to follow). It's a workaround and as I'm using Quickstarts that need updating to 7 or 8 from 5 or 6 in some cases, I'm aware that I'm creating a management nightmare.


                                        My feeling is that not too many people are using EAs based on the number of issues I've found for external contributors (see https://preview-jive.jiveon.com/docs/DOC-2031) but if more people used them then I'd wish for some way to have a single Help group that maintained the walled gardens permissions so all the help content didn't have to be cloned into each group.


                                        And BTW re CTA having the buttons top right has really grown on me, latest version:

                                        CTA with link.jpg

                                        The only thing that Matt Collinge or Amber Orenstein or someone could help with is how to get rid off the tiny link '_'  (bottom left of grey button) when you hover it which annoys the hell out of me. I could get rid of it in CSS but this is Cloud. Anyone got any ideas?