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    March 19 User Group - Melbourne

    Jakkii Musgrave

      It was great to see everyone at this afternoon's user group meeting, and a big thanks to Jive & iress for organising and hosting.


      A few of my highlights and takeaways:

      • Hearing about iress's Global Hackathon and how they used Jive to facilitate and support both the hackathon itself and the collaboration they were looking to encourage
      • Listening to the group talk about some of the challenges they've faced, including the difficulty in finding available Jive-specific technically skilled resources in the Australian market
      • Learning that Japan recently had their first Jive user group meeting
      • Reaffirming that the appetite for more advanced analytics is ever-growing, and being privvy to some great discussions around business and engagement analytics, as well as social network analysis
      • As always, catching up with the great Australian Jive team and friendly faces amongst the crowd, and meeting some new folks as well.


      What were yours?


      cc Steve Hollowood Barnaby Alderson Kylie Martin Carol Barton

      (Apologies to anyone I may have missed)