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    Set a post as unhelpful


      I have been reading the documentation for this feature.  I haven't been able to find it.  I would like to give the original poster the ability to mark a post as unhelpful.  This would help to give us a true feeling for how the forum is going.  It is great to know provided a good answer, it would be equally useful to know the opposite.



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          Hi Chris Baruffi -


          There is a new feature in a recent Cloud update that adds the ability for users to mark an item as Not Helpful. Normally users can only mark a comment or reply as "Helpful".


          Before (Users can only mark things as Helpful):


          After (Users can now mark things as Helpful or Not Helpful):



          If you have a Jive Cloud instance then you can file a new support case requesting to have the following feature enabled.


          If you have an Jive hosted or on-premise instance then this feature will be available in the upcoming Jive 8 release, where you can set this system property:


          acclaim.unhelpful.enabled = true

          Let me know if this helps.

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              Very cool!


              Thanks you

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                Oliver Beirne

                Thanks for this David. Could you provide any insight on the thinking behind offering this option?

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                    John Schwiller

                    We turned this on to see how it would play out on our demo instances. For one thing it gives you some context - so instead of '20 of 20 people found this helpful' you might get '20 of 40 people found this helpful' which indicates a less unanimous view.


                    It's anonymous which is probably less 'unpleasant' for the respondent than if an unlike button was provided and allowed you to see who clicked it (a bit like seeing who voted down your idea).


                    From what I recall, this is mainly aimed at Jive-x rather than Jive-n. I'd suggest a community manager only turns Unhelpful on for sites like Stackoverflow where the responses are more 'technical' and could lead to people wasting their time or even doing something dangerous rather than on more touchy-feely sites where 'we can agree to disagree' and it's arguably less important to know people disagree by simple click - and where they are perhaps more likely to reply with negative (or less positive) comments.