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    Modifying Blog Message When Sharing Blog Posts

      When sharing a blog post with another person, an email is generated with a custom message and link to the blog post.  Looking at the email message, the main container name (in this instance, Main), is showing up although the blog post is housed in a subspace, and this subspace name should be appearing.  Does anyone know how to edit the blog message?  I'm not certain if it needs to be the message template (as it's system-wide) or a separate message instance.  See attached screen capture.  Thanks!

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          Hi Cecelia Lopez - Typically the text you're seeing here is based off of the name of the top level space that is in your community. Generally it's recommended that this space is renamed to match the name of the community, since it is reused in the email templates.


          You can update the name of the root space by going into Admin Console: Spaces > Management > Summary, and then editing the top most space.


          You will also see this name come up when you publish a new piece of content. One of the bottom options is to publish the content to the entire community.  If I name the top level space to "WowGroup", then you'll see an option to publish the content to "The WowGroup Community":


          Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.05.58 PM.png


          Let me know if this helps.