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    Melbourne User Group Takeaways - March 19th, 2015

      As promised, here were a few things I took away from our user group in Melbourne last night:


      1. "A postcard from..." - Kylie Martin's successful initiative with Executives at her company to write blog posts about their travels. On that note, Robert Yue made a good point that it's not only important to focus on engaging Executives, but also Managers.
      2. Technology vs. Behaviour - Sometimes it's not enough to make the technology simple and easy to use. How do you change the way people behave and want to get their work done? Thanks Jakkii Musgrave for starting a great discussion.
      3. Ownership - Steve Hollowood painted a great picture when he said, "We want to make sure we don't leave someone/something behind floating in the Great Barrier Reef." You can't build a group or space just to check it off your to-do list. Successful Jive use cases have an owner and a purpose. For example, if you build an IT group to house IT content, but no one wants to own or maintain it, this area will quickly become irrelevant and out of date. Do your best to make sure each place in your intranet or community has a clear purpose and an owner to manage its success.
      4. Jive 8 - Activity vs. Overview pages, Tiles vs. Widgets, NEWS?! We're all excited about the latest release! But of course, with any change we need to make sure we understand how this will impact users. Join the discussion with other customers on how they plan to use the new News feature: Configuring News for Internal Communities


      Thanks again to IRESS for hosting and sharing their Hackathon use case with us!