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    Enable 'Events' Extension




      Can you check if we have the 'Events' extension licensed on our hosted Jive instance - nimblestorage.jiveon.com?


      The covering documentation mentions the following:

      Jive Events Extension Administrator's Guide


      For Hosted Customers

      To install the Events Extension, hosted customers need only contact Jive Account Support, and request that the extension be installed.  Installation only takes a few minutes, but will require a server restart.


      If the extension is currently licensed, please enable it.

      If the extension is not licensed, please disregard this request.




      Thank you,



      Mark Fulton

        • Re: Enable 'Events' Extension

          Hi Mark,

          For security purposes, I can not disclose what Nimble is licensed for on this public support space. However, your community manager can invite you to the Nimble private support group where you will be able to ask the question.


          Generally speaking though, because the site URL you provided ends with jiveon.com I know that it is a Cloud environment whereas the documentation you referenced is for a Hosted environment.

          Enabling Events is slightly different for Cloud environments, in fact, Events is included in all of Essentials + and Enterprise versions. Events is not available however on the version of Essentials.


          For the list of all the features included on each cloud version, please see Pricing - Jive Software.


          Hope this helps.