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    Healthcare Peep Brainstorm: how do you foster collaboration around improving the Patient Experience?

    babate Advanced

      Hi Healthcare Peeps!


      As you know, "the patient experience" is a hot topic in healthcare right now. In our internal community, we want to foster collaboration around improving the patient experience.... but what's the best way to go about this.


      Has anyone tried something that worked very well?


      Some things we brainstormed:

      • A blog with excerpts from Press Ganey scores
      • clinics submitting their own "ideas" on how to improve the patient experience
      • maybe actual videos from patients (with their permission for HIPAA of course), putting into their own words what the patient experience means to them


      I wanted to see from others if you'd approached this topic and what failed/worked/didn't work? Did you start with ambulatory, and then pull in the hospital side? Or involve both parties at the same time?


      Thank for your help!


      CC Amy Castillo, Don Shell Marcy Marshall Bill Klco Bryce Williams  Arleen Chiu-Jones & anyone else who cares about patients